How Hosting Can Affect Your Business

Written by Galip Kuyuk - Uncategorized - Comments Off on How Hosting Can Affect Your Business

Do you know the most important part you should consider before you leave your website run automatically? It is web hosting! How so? Read our (me and my friend) experience below, I’m sure you will understand easily:
My friend, Greg and I are both internet marketer. Both of us run an online business with a website as a media. Up to this point I can say we are pretty success because we make thousand of dollar every month.
But in term of web hosting, we have a different opinion. Greg prefers to use ‘cheap web hosting service’ to cut some cost while I prefer to use reliable web hosting service. Of course, in term of price, my web hosting service cost me more money.
Then in this Christmas holiday we went to Korea for couple days, after we went back to our home, Greg found out that he didn’t make any dollar at all (while I made couple hundred dollar). Can you guest why Greg didn’t make any sales while he was on holiday? It’s because his web hosting service. We found out that during the holiday, Greg site got ‘too much’ visitor. Therefore his web hosting service decided to suspend his hosting account for 3 days. What a shame! No wonder he didn’t make any dollar.
From this experience I can conclude that you need to use a reliable web hosting instead of a ‘cheap’ one because the service that they provide must be different!
If you want to make money from the hosting service, you can buy reseller hosting. This way you still can get reliable web hosting service with lower price.